"Where there is no wine there is no love"

                                                       - Euripides

Rauch Ranch Vineyards and Winery sits perfectly in the Ben Hur Rd. Valley of Mariposa, California contained within the Sierra Nevada AVA. Our Summer growing season is represented with the long cool nights and almost air conditioned winds of the medium temperature days. Our vineyards and winery Rauch Ranch demonstrate 30 years of experience in the Mariposa Wine Grape industry and the knowledge that comes with hands on commitments to several of the Counties fellow growers and wineries. Our goal to bring quality products whether in grapes to other wineries or on our own production is balanced between viticulturist Mike Rauch and Marketing Manager and wife Lesli Rauch. Our heart and goal is to provide quality, local and hardworking craftsmanship in our produce and product. We are hands on, ranch people who know our land, know our fruit and growing in our years of knowledge of producing wine. We invite you to not only experience our wine, but our ranch and our life in our work.

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